14th International Conference on New Developments and Applications in Optical Radiometry (NEWRAD 2021)

The NEWRAD will convene June 21-24, 2021 as a virtual conference. The format of the conference will be a combination of uploaded presentation as well as live interaction to accommodate our community – spanning many time zones. The NEWRAD Conference covers all aspects of optical radiation measurements and a wide range of topics will be presented during our four day program, including Earth remote sensing observations and Quantum optics technologies. Individual sessions will be devoted to these specific themes.

The official conference website is available via this link

Proceedings of NEWRAD 2020/21

These Proceedings contain the extended abstracts of the NEWRAD 2020/2021 Conference, arranged remotely by NIST, Boulder, USA, June 21 - 24, 2021. Abstracts are published here. Tap on the code to open the corresponding abstract.

A full book of NEWRAD 2021 Proceedings is available here or at ZENODO page. DOI number for the book is DOI .

Code Authors Title
INV-001 Jarle Gran et al Three-dimensional modelling of photodiode responsivity
INV-002 Kuniaki Amemiya et al Novel perfect blackbody sheet having nano-precision surface microtextures for a planar standard radiator
INV-003 Odele Coddington et al TSIS Solar Spectral Irradiance Measurements

DBS – Detector-based radiometry: scale realisations

Code Authors Title
DBS_OR_002 Anna K. Vaskuri et al Planar Absolute Radiometer Operating at Room Temperature for Replacing NIST’s Legacy Laser Calorimeter
DBS_OR_010 Kinza Maham et al Optical power scale realization using the predictable quantum efficient detector
DBS_OR_012 Meelis-Mait Sildoja et al High efficiency five-element trap detector with low optical losses
DBS_OR_014 Terubumi Saito et al Calorimetric Measurements for Conversion Efficiency of Optical Devices
DBS_OR_015 Uwe Arp et al Ultraviolet Scale Realization based on a Laser-driven Light Source
DBS_OR_017 Matthew Spidell et al A Bilateral Comparison of NIST And PTB Laser Power Standards for Increased Calibration Confidence at LIGO
DBS_OR_018 Jan Lalek et al Implementation of the Spectral Irradiance Standard based on a high-temperature black body
DBS_OR_019 Florian Stuker et al Towards 1 W, High Accuracy, Absolute Radiometer
DBS_OR_020 Mikhail Korpusenko et al Double laser radiometry for study of detector linearity
DBS_OR_021 Mikhail Korpusenko et al Quantum efficiency of Predictable Quantum Efficient Detector in the ultraviolet region
DBS_OR_022 Philipp Schneider et al Calibration of a modular trap detector system towards a new realization of the luminous intensity unit
DBS_OR_024 Marit Ulset Nordsveen et al Simultaneous optical and electrical heating in dual-mode photodiode operation
DBS_OR_026 Brian G. Alberding et al Development of a pyroelectric detector-based method for low uncertainty irradiance and radiance calibrations in the short-wave infrared
DBS_OR_028 J.E. Neira et al Electrical-Substitution Fourier Transform Spectrometry for Absolute Calibration of Detector Responsivity
DBS_OR_029 Ping-Shine Shaw et al NIST’s primary optical power responsivity scale realized using a supercontinuum source with automation from 480 nm to 1650 nm
DBS_OR_030 Damian Twerenbold et al Novel Integrating Sphere Based Attenuation Method for Single Photon Detector Calibrations
DBS_OR_031 Yuqin Zong et al Recent Progress on Calibration of Spectroradiometers using Tunable Lasers
DBS_OR_032 Xu Nan et al Near Infrared Spectral Responsivity Realization based on Cryogenic Radiometer
DBS_PO_001 Minoru Tanabe et al Absolute irradiance responsivity calibration system using diode lasers for tricolour laser applications
DBS_PO_003 Tobias Pohl et al Realization and Dissemination of the Spectral Responsivity of Thermal Detectors in the Mid-Infrared Spectral Range at the PTB
DBS_PO_004 CM Tsui et al Interpolation of Spectral Responsivity of Trap Detectors and Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainties Using Monte Carlo Method
DBS_PO_007 Jeongwan Jin et al Establishment of single photon detection efficiency calibration system at NRC
DBS_PO_008 Alexander Gottwald et al Recent status of VUV/EUV photodiodes for radiometric scale comparison
DBS_PO_011 A. Gamouras et al Advancements in NRC’s Primary Spectral Irradiance Scale Realisation
DBS_PO_013 Eivind Bardalen et al Packaging of silicon photodiodes for use as cryogenic electrical substitution radiometer
DBS_PO_023 Ozhan Koybasi et al Investigation of surface passivation thin film materials for improved predictable quantum efficiency detectors
DBS_PO_025 Seval Meric et al Spectral Radiance Scale Traceability Chain by Using Monte Carlo Application
DBS_PO_027 Nicole L George et al Improving the spectral radiance and irradiance facility at NPL
DBS_PO_033 Stefan Källberg et al Upgrade of cryogenic radiometer control electronics and software

DBA – Detector-based radiometry: applications

Code Authors Title
DBA_OR_001 Haifeng Meng et al Measurements of monolithic GaInP2/InGaAs/Ge triple-junction solar cells
DBA_OR_002 Jeanne M. Houston et al UV spectral irradiance responsivity calibrations using a scanning method in a monochromator-based facility
DBA_OR_003 Howard W. Yoon et al Nonlinearity corrections of spectrographs using combinatorial methods
DBA_OR_005 Sucheta Sharma et al Cantilever-based photoacoustic detection of electromagnetic radiation
DBA_OR_006 Petri Kärhä et al Differential spectral responsivity measurements of large bifacial solar cells
DBA_OR_007 Saulius Nevas et al Application of a Tuneable Pulsed Laser for Spectral Responsivity Measurements of UV Radiometers Based on Wide-Bandgap Photodiodes
DBA_OR_008 Christopher Yung et al Broadband absolute radiometers for far infrared sensing
DBA_OR_009 M G White et al The Nature of Fibre Beam-Splitters for Absolute Radiometric Measurements
DBA_OR_010 C. Cameron Miller et al Development of UVC Measurement Tools at NIST to Combat Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)
DBA_OR_011 Thada Keawprasert et al Absolute Calibration Setup for Spectral Responsivity of a NIR radiation thermometer
DBA_OR_012 Janne Askola et al Increased response of trap detectors with apertures due to nitrogen flow
DBA_OR_016 Maritoni Litorja et al Radiometric calibration method for dim sources
DBA_OR_018 Ping-Shine Shaw et al A fast AC mode measurement system for detector response and spatial uniformity characterization

DBA_PO_004 Dong-Joo Shin et al Power and wavelength-meter in one for lasers and other narrow-band light sources based on the dual-photodiode radiometer concept
DBA_PO_015 A. Yu. Dunaev et al Stable spectrally tunable source based on supercontinuum laser and monochromator for detectors radiometric calibration
DBA_PO_017 B. Carol Johnson et al Thermal Characterization of Fiber-Coupled Spectrographs

SBR – Source-based radiometry

Code Authors Title
SBR_OR_004 Zhao Weiqiang et al Experimental Correction of Temperature Dependence for LED Filament Lamps
SBR_OR_005 Ingmar Mueller et al A Lens-free InGaAs-Radiation Thermometer with improved Detectivity at 1.6 μm to cover the Temperature Range from 80 °C to 962 °C
SBR_OR_006 Tobias Pohl et al Absolute Calibration of the Spectral Responsivity of Thermal Detectors at a High-Temperature Blackbody at the PTB
SBR_OR_007 Moritz Feierabend et al A Blackbody for Calibration of Hemispherical Infrared Detectors
SBR_OR_008 Wu Zhifeng et al Low Light Level Realization at Near Correlated Color Temperature
SBR_OR_009 Mai Huong Valin et al New spectral irradiance traceability scale at LNE-CNAM
SBR_OR_010 Irina Santourian et al Development, implementation and validation of a high-power LED-based radiation source for goniometric spectral radiance factor measurements
SBR_OR_013 Robert E. Vest et al New Facility for Deuterium Lamp Calibrations at SURF III
SBR_OR_015 Peter Sperfeld et al Spectral Mismatch Correction for the Calibration of UVA Radiometers
SBR_OR_018 T. Gerloff et al Novel LED standard source for absolute radiometry in the visible wavelength range
SBR_OR_019 Yanfei Wang et al Spectral Irradiance Measurement Based on Large-area WC-C Fixed Point Blackbody
SBR_OR_020 Eric L. Shirley et al High-temperature behavior of diffraction effects in blackbody calibrations: higher-order effects
SBR_OR_022 J. Dubard et al Characterisation of high irradiance level 254 nm UV sources for UVmeter calibration

SBR_PO_001 Thiago Ferreira da Silva et al Intercomparison of indoor and outdoor spectral irradiance measurements between INTI and INMETRO
SBR_PO_002 Kenji Godo et al Development of illuminance meter calibration system with LED spectrally tunable light source
SBR_PO_003 Yuri Nakazawa et al Comparison of Two Methods for Total Luminous Flux Measurement of White LEDs
SBR_PO_011 Iu. A. Sild et al Enhancement of the state primary standard of the unit of total radiance
SBR_PO_016 Vladislav Zemlyanoy et al Simulation of Thermal Processes in High-Temperature Blackbodies and Fixed-Point Cells for Improving their Characteristics
SBR_PO_017 Boris Khlevnoy et al High-Temperature Fixed-Point Blackbody with Temperature of about 2856 K Based on Melting Phase Transition of δ(MoC)-C
SBR_PO_023 S.V. Nikanenka et al Reference UVC LED Source

QOT – Quantum optics technologies

Code Authors Title
QOT_OR_001 Hristina Georgieva et al Calibration of silicon single-photon avalanche diode detectors using a narrow-bandwidth quantum emitter
QOT_OR_004 Thomas Gerrits et al Calibration of free-space and fiber-coupled single-photon detectors
QOT_OR_005 Stefan Kück et al Molecule-based single photon source for quantum radiometry
QOT_OR_007 Marco López et al Pilot study on the detection efficiency measurement of InGaAs/InP single-photon detectors
QOT_OR_011 Thiago Ferreira da Silva et al Optical frequency metrology based on photon counting
QOT_OR_012 Robin L. Williams et al Nanowire-based Sources of Non-classical Light

QOT_PO_002 Beatrice Rodiek et al Core-shell CdSe/CdS quantum dot based single-photon emitter for SPAD calibration at room temperature
QOT_PO_003 Robin Eßling et al Calibration of InGaAs/InP single-photon avalanche detectors
QOT_PO_006 Stefan Kück et al The SIQUST-project – towards single‐photon sources as new quantum standards
QOT_PO_008 In-Ho Bae et al Performance evaluation of a thermoelectrically-cooled SiC single photon avalanche photodiode
QOT_PO_009 Justus Christinck et al Comparison of back focal plane imaging of nitrogen vacancy centers in nanodiamond and core-shell CdSe/CdS quantum dots
QOT_PO_010 Trinh Tran et al Simulated internal quantum deficiency of induced junction photodiodes

PM – Photonic momentum

Code Authors Title
PM_OR_001 Alexandra Artusio-Glimpse et al HALO – High Amplification Laser-pressure Optic
PM_OR_002 Gordon A. Shaw et al SI traceable electrostatic balance to measure laser power
PM_OR_003 Gordon A. Shaw et al Use of photon pressure in small mass and force calibration
PM_OR_008 Suren Vasilyan et al Optical power measurements via photon momentum and its comparison with SI-traceable reference methods

PM_PO_004 Alexandra Artusio-Glimpse et al Validation of a compact radiation pressure power meter at hundreds of watts
PM_PO_005 Jonathan Cripe et al Design and calibration of a radiation-pressure based laser power meter and force sensor

EAO – Earth observation

Code Authors Title
EAO_OR_009 Ling Li et al A Simple Method of UV Stray Light Correction for Field Spectrometers in Ground Validation Sites
EAO_OR_012 Nigel Fox et al Traceable Radiometry Underpinning Terrestrial- and Helio- Studies (TRUTHS): Enabling a Space-based Climate and Calibration Observatory - An ESA Earth Watch mission.
EAO_OR_013 Steven van den Berg et al CubeSat spectroradiometer calibration with a laser-based tunable radiance source
EAO_OR_017 Valeriy Gavrilov et al VNIIOFI’s developments in measurement assurance of Earth remote sensing
EAO_OR_018 M. Smid et al Design and Development of a Tuneable Portable Radiation Source for In Situ Characterisation of Dobson Spectrometers
EAO_OR_019 Dmitri Lanevski et al Gonioreflectometric properties of the sand from RadCalNet Gobabeb test site
EAO_OR_020 Max Reiniger et al Experience with the radiometric traceability concept for the Network for Detection of Mesospheric Change (NDMC)
EAO_OR_021 Steven W. Brown et al Measurements of absolute, SI traceable lunar irradiance with the airborne Lunar Spectral Irradiance (air-LUSI) Mission
EAO_OR_022 Paul D Green et al The STAR-CC-OGSE system for pre-flight sensor calibration
EAO_OR_025 Greg Kopp et al The HyperSpectral Imager for Climate Science (HySICS) on the CLARREO Pathfinder Mission

EAO_PO_005 Andrei Burdakin et al New fixed point on the basis of In-Bi eutectic system for perspective spa ce borne standard low temperature fixed point blackbodies
EAO_PO_006 Steven W. Brown et al Development of a laser-based satellite sensor illumination system to advance the capabilities of Earth observing systems
EAO_PO_008 Annett Barboutis et al Recent developments in the VUV transfer source calibration based on calculable synchrotron radiation
EAO_PO_010 Jinwha Gene et al Primary and working standards for spectral total reflectance in Mid-IR region in KRISS
EAO_PO_014 Emma Woolliams et al The European metrology network for climate and ocean observation: a review of Earth observation needs for metrology
EAO_PO_023 Emma Woolliams et al SI Traceability, Uncertainty Analysis and Comparison for RadCalNet

SSR – Solar / stellar radiometry

Code Authors Title
SSR_OR_003 Natalia Kouremeti et al Stray-Light Correction Methodology for the Precision Solar Spectroradiometer
SSR_OR_004 Natalia Kouremeti et al Traceability of Solar and Lunar Direct Irradiances Measured with Precision Filter Radiometers
SSR_OR_005 Khaled Mahmoud et al New Laser-Driven Light Source (LDLS)-based DSR measurement facility for calibration of reference solar cells
SSR_OR_006 Dave Harber et al Compact total irradiance monitor flight demonstration
SSR_OR_011 John T. Woodward et al Spectroradiometric Calibration of Bright Stars, Vega and Sirius

SSR_PO_002 Gregor Hülsen et al JTSIM-DARA Pointing Measurements

OPM – Optical properties of materials / components

Code Authors Title
OPM_OR_001 Tatjana Quast et al Polarization effects in diffuse reflection measurements at the transition between the UVA and VIS spectral range
OPM_OR_003 Alejandro Ferrero et al Recommendation for finite intervals in BRDF measurements of glossy samples
OPM_OR_004 Pablo Santafé et al A facility for measuring the BSSRDF
OPM_OR_006 Charles Stark et al Improving multiphoton spectroscopy standards through the creation of an accurate, high-throughput spectrometer facility
OPM_OR_007 Wen-Chun Liu et al Transmittance Haze Measurement by DIN 5036 Part 3
OPM_OR_009 Ma Yuxuan et al Design and Evaluation of Extremely Low-Reflectance Measurement Device
OPM_OR_011 Heather J. Patrick et al ROSI: the new NIST reference facility for UV-SWIR specular and diffuse reflectance calibrations
OPM_OR_012 M G White et al Fresnel Reflection for Fibre-Coupled Cryogenic Radiometric Measurements
OPM_OR_013 Robin Ångerman et al CCPR-K5.2019 Key Comparison of Spectral Diffuse Reflectance
OPM_OR_014 Dmitri Lanevski et al Determining the shape of reflectance reference samples for curved surface reflectors
OPM_OR_016 Pierre Chavel et al Advocating a statistical definition for the BRDF
OPM_OR_018 Hiroshi Shitomi et al A novel optical diffuser with potentially higher spectral flatness in the near infrared region
OPM_OR_019 Dmitry Vorobiev et al Measurement of far-ultraviolet transmission in hollow-core optical fibers
OPM_OR_020 Catherine C. Cooksey et al Improvements to the Ultraviolet Measurement Capabilities of RTS
OPM_OR_022 Ellie Molloy et al Effects of rotation errors on goniometric measurements
OPM_OR_025 Ramin Lalezari et al Production and Characterization of Optics and Coatings with Extremely Low Losses and High Reflectivity

OPM_PO_002 Alexander Gottwald et al Determining Optical Constants in the VUV Range: Combining Ellipsometry and Angle-Resolved Reflectometry
OPM_PO_005 Shau-Wei Hsu et al On-Site Measurements of Reflection Characteristics of a Dry Asphalt Road
OPM_PO_008 Martin Dury et al Temperature and Pressure Dependence of the Reflectivity of Vertically Aligned NanoTube Arrays
OPM_PO_015 Lutz Werner et al Quantum Yield in Induced Junction Silicon Photodiodes at Wavelengths around 400 nm
OPM_PO_017 Jinhwa Gene et al Systematic errors that depend on diffusivity and absorptance of sample in IEC method for absolute photoluminescence quantum efficiency
OPM_PO_021 Li-Lin Tay et al Spectroscopic Analysis of Black-Carbon Emissions from Aviation Sources
OPM_PO_023 David C. Deisenroth et al Simultaneous Time-Resolved Measurements of Reflected Laser Power, Emittance and Radiance Temperature in Laser Powder Bed Fusion

OT – Other topics

Code Authors Title
OT_OR_001 Constantine Lukashin et al ARCSTONE: Calibration of Lunar Spectral Reflectance from Space
OT_OR_002 Qing Sun et al High Precision Measurement of Terahertz Frequency Based on Frequency Comb
OT_OR_003 M. Huriev et al Reference lamp and directional radiation source with LED spectrum
OT_OR_005 R. Savage et al Displacement fiducials for gravitational-wave detectors with sub-percent accuracy using laser power sensors calibrated at NIST
OT_OR_006 Markus Katona et al System analysis of ILMD-based LID measurement systems using Monte Carlo simulation
OT_OR_008 Kanokwan Nontapot et al Design and development of laser power transfer standard in telecommunication wavelengths under scientific collaboration MOU between NIMT and PTB
OT_OR_010 Yoshi Ohno et al Global Interlaboratory Comparison of 41 Goniophotometers Measuring Solid- State Lighting Products
OT_OR_013 J. S. Kissel et al Calibrating Gravitational Wave Interferometers: A Review with Astrophysical Implications

OT_PO_009 Jae-Keun Yoo et al Performance Evaluation of a Mid-infrared Spectrometer for Remote Sensing Applications

Edited by
John Lehman, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Mikhail Korpusenko, Aalto University
Petri Kärhä, Aalto University
Erkki Ikonen, Aalto University